bde or big d*ck energy - do you have it?

BDE is the topic of the moment, the ‘buzzword’ if you will. It’s everywhere you look. It’s in your decisions to invest more time in self care, in your ambitions – in yourself. It’s a confidence, moreover, a mantra. Who has BDE you ask? The energy of big dick persuasion is not discriminatory, but not everyone possesses it. Let’s get historical.

Since the beginning of time, men have prided themselves upon their own ‘masculinity’, (a highly fragile construct). This need to prove their worth and their manhood has historically and still continues to manifest itself into plainly, what they’re packing. But let’s dig deeper: what does having a BD indicate in purely biological terms? Our good friend Darwin would suggest such endowment would indicate the male’s capability to survive, thrive, and provide against his competitors. It is the epitome of virility. Survival of the fittest. Thus men who are blessed in that department typically have a confidence, an almost calmness, in the knowledge that they needn’t worry about their own capability ‘to be a man’.


In many ways, BDE has enabled us to reconstruct such toxic masculinity and mould it into a positive force. How can we define BDE? In its most clinical form, BDE is the act of emulating the confidence that is typically exuded by men who know what they’re working with in the southerly region. But the concept of BDE transcends its literal meaning. Harnessing big dick energy has little to do with being physically well endowed, or even being endowed at all (am I right ladies?).  It’s a new impetus to embrace what you have got, owning your strengths. Knowing your own value, without the requirement of meeting other people’s success criteria.

It is the awareness that you’re metaphorically holding a royal flush in your hands without showing your cards – understanding you’ve got the game in the bag. You don’t need to brag about the hand you’ve been dealt, it’s obvious to the people around you that you’re in control. Moreover, BDE is instigated internally. The moment you decide you’ve got it, you’ve got it. We need more of this approach in our lives – defining our own success criteria, meeting your own personal demands.

Once you decide to manifest your BDE, it’s none refundable baby.

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