get back out there with bde

Now that the world is slowly reopening and some normality has resumed, the thought of going out into the world after so many months of solitude can feel more daunting than exciting.


bde roll on therapist is designed to give you a dose of big d*ick energy whenever you need a boost, leaving you feeling confident and self-assured. We’ve blended four essential oils to create bde, all of which have uplifting and anxiety-reducing properties:


Rosemary to regulate and balance the body and mind, enhancing concentration and relieving fatigue. 

Basil to promote mental clarity, enhance alertness and calm the nerves.

Bergamot to uplift you with its refreshing scent.

Lavender for balance and harmony throughout the body and mind, whilst soothing any stress or anxiety. 


So if you’re needing some reassurance about getting back out there post-lockdown, bde is your best mate (handbag friendly, no social distancing required).


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