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how to mask for your skin type

born again treat mask is a powdered clay mask, meaning it can be mixed with a variety of agents to suit your skin type.

So can all skin types use a clay mask? The short answer is yes! Clay has many benefits, from its ability to draw out impurities that can cause breakouts, to reducing pore size, to exfoliation, which is why it’s particularly good for acne-prone skin, as it removes excess oils from the skin without drying it out. But this last point is key: many people think clay masks are drying and can only be used for acne-prone skin, but this isn't true! If you find your skin feels tight after masking, then you’re probably not using the right agent for your skin type when mixing your mask.

Below are some ideas of ingredients that we’d recommend mixing born again treat mask with, and you’ll probably find most of them in your kitchen (sounds weird, but trust us). If you’re not sure what skin type you are, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Oily skin

Apple cider vinegar is perfect for balancing the skin’s pH and calming any active breakouts. A word of warning though: it can be quite strong, especially if you’re new to masking, so we’d recommend mixing 50/50 ACV and water with born again treat mask to begin with. 

Oily/combination skin 

We love mixing born again with Greek yoghurt (yep, you heard that right!) for skin that’s in need of exfoliation. Whilst wearing your breakfast on your face might sound crazy, Greek yoghurt actually works as a chemical exfoliant, as it contains lactic acid which helps break down any dead skin cells. 

Dry skin

Honey is a humectant, meaning it helps to attract and retain moisture, so it’s perfect to mix with born again treat mask if you’re in need of a hydration boost. Aloe is also a humectant, so this is a good option for more sensitive skin, as it soothes the skin whilst hydrating it too.


We also love mixing needs must face oil with born again for the ultimate at-home facial experience, and it's super hydrating too.

Alternatively, you can use needs must after masking, as it will help to lock-in all the nourishing goodness that's been absorbed by the skin from the clay mask. And if you want to up your skincare game another notch, why not treat yourself to a bit of facial massage as you apply your face oil? Watch this video on facial massage if you need a refresh.


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