mindfulness and skincare ~ a natural pairing

We’ve all heard of mindfulness as a meditative practice, but you might already be practising mindfulness within your skincare routine without even realising. Choosing skincare which is natural, vegan, cruelty free, and sustainably packaged - as all of our products are - is a mindful choice in itself. 

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment, and by taking that extra bit of time out of your day to really focus on the steps you take within your skincare routine, rather than treating it as the final chore of the day, you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. It doesn’t have to be half an hour every evening, it can be as little as 5 minutes; whatever works for you. 

Our tried and tested methods for incorporating mindfulness into your skincare routine include:

Facial massage

This is a great way to really slow down and focus your attention on the present moment, to pay attention to how your skin feels, how the product feels, as well as having a range of benefits for the skin; from increasing circulation to ensuring better absorption of your products. Our cleanse it back face cleanser, needs must face oil, and post shower nirvana body oil are ideal for using with massage techniques. 

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Our products are formulated with aromatherapy in mind, as essential oils can really help bring us into the present moment to rebalance our mental state and take a moment for ourselves. We’d recommend using our press pause or burnout roll on therapists combined with simple breathing exercises to let go of any tension and stress, or, if you need to re-energise, try bde or morning brew.