what skin type are you?

“How do I know what my skin type is?” we hear you ask. In skincare marketing, you might hear terms used interchangeably that describe skin types and skin conditions, making it hard to know which products are right for your skin type. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure it out.

The good news is, it’s really not as complicated as it might sound. Skin type is genetically inherited, whereas skin conditions (such dehydration, blemishes, sensitivity, or mature skin) are affected by lifestyle, or can be a symptom of your skin type. It’s important to accommodate those skin conditions in your routine too, but often they go hand in hand with certain skin types.

So, there are four different skin types: dry, oily, normal and combination. Take the type test and read below and ask yourself which one would best describe your skin. 

Step 1 - Begin by removing all make-up and cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser - try cleanse it back face cleanser.

Step 2 - Leave the skin with no moisturiser, facial oil or serum for at least 2 hours.

Step 3 - After you've waited, check your skin in a mirror. You are looking for areas of oil, dryness or flakiness. Make a list of what you can see and begin matching against the skint types below.



Skin might appear dull, feel tight, or flaky, with fine pores. 


Skin might appear shiny and thickened, with larger, more visible pores. 


Neither dry nor oily, the skin texture is normal and pore size is not an issue.


The most common skin type. Different areas of the skin might present as normal, oily or dry. 










It’s normal for the skin to change between types with age, or a change in environmental conditions, so it’s good to check in with your skin intermittently and adapt your skincare routine accordingly. Oh, and the skin on your face might be a totally different type to the rest of your body… so don’t neglect your body skincare! Our post shower nirvana body oil is great for keeping your skin hydrated and soft (it smells amazing too btw).

And remember, oils aren’t just for dry skin, just as dry masks aren't only for oily skin! Check out our post on the benefits of oil cleansing for all skin types.