do you have a morning routine?

With the lighter mornings and longer days on the way, having a morning routine is a great way to ground yourself for the day ahead.

And if you've already managed to create a morning routine throughout the intermittent lockdowns over the past year, then a massive well done to you! But if you have lost all sense of time and the days blur into one (yep), then now might be a good time to create a morning routine, or to mix up your existing one. 


First and foremost, creating a morning routine isn't about ticking off your entire to-do list before 8am. It's about allowing yourself to begin your day with a positive mindset. Giving yourself time to think about the day ahead, or how to prioritise your time can really help with productivity throughout the day. 


We advise you to focus on one of these three categories to centre your morning routine around: movement, mindset, or personal development. And you definitely don’t need to wake up at 5 a.m. to try and fit all of these suggestions into your morning routine, just choose what works best for you. 



This might seem obvious, but many of us are guilty of hitting snooze or scrolling on our phones once our alarm goes off. Movement really helps to wake up the body and mind, whether its stretching, yoga, a short walk, or even just doing some gua sha or massage as part of your skincare routine. P.S. - we love using our cleanse it back face cleanser for some morning facial massage.


Another great way to start the day is to journal down any thoughts and ideas, or write a gratitude list to set a positive tone for the day ahead. Meditation is also great if you tend to wake up and feel like you’ve got a million things to tackle on your to-do list. Taking a few minutes to compose through writing or meditating is amazing for your mindset. We love to use our morning brew roll-on therapist on those days when we need an extra boost. 

Personal development

Personal development and reflection is definitely something we could all do more of. Much like journaling, the aim of this is to create a positive mindset for the day ahead. Whether that is writing down goals (long and short term), or positive affirmations that you say out loud as you do your skincare routine; whatever works best for you. 


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