ede talks with @the_dailybren

In our ede talks with interview series, we'll be sharing stories from friends of the brand, covering all things wellness and skincare. 

For our first instalment, we spoke with @the_dailybren about acts of kindness, her favourite ede product, and what wellness means to her. 


If spending the last five months in another national lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the ongoing importance of the small acts of kindness that we can do every day to lift our mood. Talk us through your daily acts of kindness. 

I call a friend once a week, particularly the ones who often say they're just "fine" and I ask them how they're doing. I find that having a chat with friends helps them get a load off and it's my own small way of being in service to others and that often makes me feel better.


 Your fave ede product, and how you like to use it.

I love to use the post shower nirvana body oil mixed with my favourite moisturiser post shower because of the scent.  Moisturising helps me slow down, and become more mindful of how I am taking care of my skin. The scent is deeply nourishing and allows me to really focus on the task which is great for getting out of my head!


Wellness has become something of a buzz-word, particularly over the past year as many of us have struggled with our mental health more than ever. What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me doesn't just mean bubble baths and a 9-step skincare routine. It means something more than that. It means moving my body for 30 minutes a day or for as long as I can tolerate. Making use of therapy and making a habit of journaling so that I can lay out what I'm thinking instead of letting it build up. Listening to my fav podcast or reading a book that speaks directly to my mind or entertains me. Making a delicious nutritious meal such as a smoothie bowl, knowing that my body will reap the benefits from it - that sets my anxious mind at ease.

All images courtesy of @the_dailybren