I started training in facial massage and skincare in January 2020 - something I started unknowing and unexpectedly loved. I began the course not knowing how mindful and relaxing the practice is for myself as much as it is for the client. After passing my exams I knew this was something I wanted to take further alongside ede but you know what happened next. (Clue: begins with a p ends in andemic.)

Post Christmas soft-launch, I launched ede online in March 2020, again unknowing of what was coming next and found myself in the most beautiful online world of small business love, support and conversation. This made 1-1 facial massage client appointments impossible and had me sharing self-care massage and facials for you at home over social media which was scary but lovely to hear how you were looking after yourselves and how I could be of help.

I have since found that with running ede online and working part-time alongside the brand, workshops felt like the right next step to come out from behind the comfort of the internet and back into real life to get to meet you, chat ede and share experiences. Something I’ve not really pushed myself to do before. I’ve since had more advanced training in facial massage, that combined with my knowledge of slowing down and self-awareness I think has culminated into a very beautiful time for you to allow your mind and body to relax and be guided through tension releasing and sculpting techniques to ease the muscles on the face, neck and chest and make the skin glow.

What should you expect at the workshop?

As a trained therapist with not a lot of spare time I wanted to create a space where I could share my knowledge as a facial massage therapist whilst being able to chat with you back and forth and have fun. There’s no point in me knowing all this information without sharing it with you. I encourage a very accessible environment with room made for conversation and questions, it’s all about you and what you would like to take away for yourself.

The guided facial massage workshop is designed to help you learn more about the muscles in your face, help you find those areas of stress and tension and most importantly teach you how to relax and release those muscles. The expectation is that you find what feels good for you in the session and you can then take what you’ve learnt and add that to your self-care routine at home.

We’ve all seen the rise in jade rollers and gua sha for home facial practice. The guided facial massage workshop teaches you massage using your hands to both relax, release and sculpt the face wherever you are, no tools needed. We’ll talk about tips for releasing jaw tension, massage for headaches and hayfever relief all whilst lifting and sculpting the facial muscles and being mindful about our inner voice and how we speak to ourselves.

How should you expect to feel?

It may come as a surprise to you but the practice is incredibly relaxing. You might think that because you're sitting around a table of people you could find it harder to relax and let go but just as you feel in a 1-1 treatment, light, airy and ready to curl up for a nap, the same generally applies after this session. 

I’d also warn you to expect to feel inspired. Your face and neck contains around 68 different muscles, during the workshop I’ll advise you on the benefits that facial massage has for the skin as well as relaxing the muscles of the face, neck and chest and creating a calming environment for the mind. We chat about how you can begin to create more moments of relaxation for yourself at home if you're feeling a little overworked, anxious or just ready to step up your self-care game. I often leave feeling just as inspired by those attending from the honest and open self-care chat around the table, so thank you for that too.

How does it work?

You’ll each have your own personal mirror so you follow along and I will be guiding you through the workshop doing the movements on myself and also talking your through the process. You will be provided with a 10ml bottle of our bestselling needs must face oil for the workshop that you can take home with you to continue your practise. There will also be an alternative provided for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies, always get in touch, everything is always adaptable!

Before we begin the facial massage you’ll each get to smell the scents of our roll on therapist aromatherapy collection and choose a scent for yourself to use during the session. I will advise and guide you at times to apply the roll on therapist during the workshop and you can also apply to your own content.

The workshop is very much an open space for conversation and questions throughout and I’ll guide the group through scenarios of how you can add smaller moments of massage and touch into your self-care routine at home and link it to a feeling or a moment that could be soothed or embellished to help create smaller moments of special for yourself, daily. We often finish with a little more self-care chat and leave feeling relaxed, accomplished and ready… for a snooze!

We couldn't finish without sharing a few treasured testimonials

★★★★★ "This workshop was so thorough, informative and calm inducing. I took away a number of tools and techniques that I now incorporate every day in big and small ways. Every detail was considered and made the morning deeply nourishing. Eve really empowered us to make choices and tune into ourselves, from an exploration of aromatherapy to offering guidance to manage a variety of symptoms. I didn't expect this to become such a key part of my self care, but it really has, and I'm so grateful for that."