why use oils to cleanse?

Oils are often thought to be exclusively for those with dry skin, but the truth is they have many benefits for all skin types.

Whilst oils do work to hydrate the skin, they also help to re-balance oily skin by regulating the skin’s own oil production. Did you know that in most cases, oily skin is actually caused by dehydration, which leads the skin to overproduce its natural oils, causing breakouts? 

What kind of oils do we recommend for cleansing? Our cleanse it back face cleanser is made from a blend of lightweight plant oils, which are enriched with essential fatty acids that the skin can’t produce itself, as well as an array of vitamins; all of which work together to nourish and clean the skin without clogging pores. This makes it a great product for combatting all kinds of skin issues from acne, to inflammation and redness, to dehydration. 


If you’ve ever felt that tight feeling in your skin after cleansing, an oil-based cleanser is your answer. cleanse it back has an oil-to-milk formula, which enables it to break down any makeup, dirt and impurities on the surface of the skin, leaving your skin thoroughly cleaned without drying it out.

cleanse it back is especially great at this time of year to soothe dehydrated winter skin, which we are all bound to be experiencing thanks to the sustained drop in temperature.

Cleansing with oils also gives you the option to incorporate facial massage into your skincare routine, if you want to improve circulation, product absorption, and reduce any tension or inflammation. We really recommend jaw massage to release the tension we (often unknowingly) hold in our face, due to stress or anxiety.

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