giving back

From the beginning, I always wanted to give back to people via ede and having had an ongoing relationship with anxiety over the past decade, I really wanted ede to be a positive reflection on what I have learnt and a movement towards a better future for others in a similar position.

In the past I have responded incredibly well to talking therapies like CBT but personally found that in between therapy waiting times (no shade on you NHS, you rock) and keeping my head down and carrying on, self-care and self-help were pivotal.

I want to share the use of aromatherapy as a method of self-care, help or support for anyone who may be either struggling with their mental health or for those who go through waves of feeling burnt out. With every sale of press pause roll on therapist, together we donate five pounds to British mental health charities.

press pause roll on therapist contains organic essential oils that help to soothe and soften anxiety and worry. Often when we are feeling anxious we are thinking about the past or predicting the future. press pause roll on therapist quite literally reminds you to ‘press pause’ on those thoughts and come back to the present moment through both language, the bloodstream and the nose’s olfactory system.

Mental health is a huge pillar for ede and directing our efforts to support local British charities that are working to improve the lives of the people who need them is just one way we intend to help. Donations are made quarterly to a range of different charities across the UK. If you would like to share a charity that may have helped you or a loved one, please feel free to email me at

We are proud to have supported the following organisations that we align with so far.

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