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our first giveback product

ede has always been about ways to include self care into our everyday lives. From the beginning, I always wanted to giveback through the project and having had an ongoing relationship with anxiety over the past 10 years, I really wanted ede to be a positive reflection of what I have learnt and a movement towards a better future for so many more.

press pause roll on therapist is an aromatherapy roll on that works to soothe anxiety and worry. Often when we are feeling anxious we are thinking about the past or predicting the future. This roll on reminds you to ‘press pause’ on those thoughts/actions and come back to the present moment.

£5 from every sale of press pause roll on therapist is donated to a mental health charity.

In the past I have responded incredibly well to talking therapies but personally found that it can be those moments in between that self care and self help are the most important.


Image taken by Liz Seabrook


Through press pause roll on therapist I wanted to share how using aromatherapy can be a method of self help for anxiety and also give back to mental health charities who support so many people through talking therapies and other projects.

Donations are made quarterly to a range of different charities across the UK. If you would like to share a charity for us support please feel free to contact me on


- Written by founder, Eve


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