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Four ways to blend aromatherapy with your yoga practice

In the past, my experience with yoga classes hasn’t always been positive. I’ve been touched and moved into positions I wasn’t comfortable with or fit enough for and have even been criticised by a teacher for where my hip sat - I forgave him the chance to learn that as I child I had perthes disease so my hip makes different shapes to other peoples. I’ve been worried about keeping up, making the shape and landing the pose to the point where I don't return and have mostly practiced via the internet at home in my own safe space.


Meet Leicester yoga teacher, Freya Gibbs. To me, her yoga practice is the epitome of meditation for the body. Her phrase and lived philosophy “come as you are - that's where I'll meet you” is the real embodiment of her classes. Every *shape* not only is suggested to be entirely optional but actually is, and you really feel that in her presence. It’s really quite difficult to explain until you're lying on your mat, making the decision for yourself of what feels good for you in that precise moment knowing that it’s fully accepted by your teacher to be going your own way. Every time I finish a class with Freya I have the same thought “that is exactly what I needed.” Her philosophy extends beyond the mat too. Turn up in your pjs, recommended. Haven’t brushed your hair in five days, that’s fine. Arrive with a belly full of spaghetti, no problem.


The best part about knowing Freya is that I get to share her with you. As much as I’m a fan of her work it is very kindly returned in the shape of herself being an ede skincare and aromatherapy fanatic. With this in mind, Freya has put together four gentle practices using each of the ede aromatherapy collection to suit the feeling captured from each of the aromas. Allow the organic essential oil blend in each roll on therapist to lift or settle you through the olfactory system and welcome in Freya’s serene teachings of yoga to create a moment likely to be your most mindful of that day.


“I have been using ede roll on therapists to enrich my home yoga practice for a while now, opting for morning brew [roll on therapist] on the days I need a boost of energy or clarity, or press pause [roll on therapist] when my mind is scattered or anxiety is bubbling...


...these have become such staple components of my accessible daily self-care that I thought I’d share with you some ways that I use the roll on therapists along with my yoga practice. They are all really simple and adaptable, so why not give them a go, and then get creative and make them your own.”


Find the four gentle yoga practices below and let us know how you find them by either getting in touch, in the video comments or you can find Freya directly here.



An energising blend of aromatherapy and yoga to cultivate clarity and focus for the day ahead.

Grab your morning brew roll on therapist, flick on the kettle. Watch and follow along below.

Take me there



A mindful blend of aromatherapy and yoga to help you tend to your mind and body on those days when you're close to burning out.

Grab your burnout roll on therapist, get comfy. Watch and follow along below.

Take me there



Creating space with a blend of aromatherapy and yoga when feelings of anxiety or overwhelm arise.

Grab your press pause roll on therapist, find a comfortable space, it could be your bed. Watch and follow along below.

Take me there



An indulgent blend of aromatherapy and yoga to gear you up for the best day ever.

Grab your best day ever roll on therapist, find a space you can move freely in. Watch and follow along below.

Take me there


Practice with Freya.

Freya shares creative and therapeutic movement and meditation practises in her hometown of Leicester, online and around Europe.

If you are based in Leicester then you can practise with Freya at Create Studio in Clarendon Park.

If like me, you really enjoy practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home, I welcome you to try one of Freya’s zoom classes via the link here. You won’t regret it.

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