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How do pulse point aromatherapy roll ons work?

A popular question I’ve been asked whilst running markets with ede this summer is what are these (pointing at the roll on therapist collection)? Followed quickly by, how do they work? To which I explain that these are aromatherapy pulse points oils. Tools to help you ground, lift or settle your mood in the moment through the aroma created by the blend of organic essential oils and also through the oils contact with the skin and blood stream. And thirdly, to which I think ede stands out in the aromatherapy industry for each of the roll on the therapist's names. Through words like ‘press pause roll on therapist’ and ‘best day ever roll on therapist’ I hope to trigger a thought process of something changing in your day, a moment that is for you.

Quick fire, no they’re not perfumes and no they won’t last all day.


Getting deeper with aromatherapy - how does it work? A science lesson.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for a therapeutic benefit and has been used for centuries. A single essential oil contains many active compounds like esters and aldehydes that have different effects on the mood. Some may increase focus, elevate the mood, calm the mind or have a sedative effect on the central nervous system. Once inhaled through the nose the molecules of the essential oils travel to the brain and in particular the emotional center of the brain where they begin to work.

The body and brain’s relationship with the olfactory system (the bodily structures that serve as our sense of smell) is integral to our wellbeing. Think about how scent and the memory works in sync. The best way I can explain it to you is to close your eyes and imagine you get a waft of sizzling, crispy roast potatoes and it takes you back to a memory. My memory goes back to twenty years ago sitting on the sofa watching Kenan and Kel on Nickelodeon waiting patiently for my mum’s Sunday lunch. That kind of power is why aroma and in particular essential oils and aromatherapy working alongside your olfactory system and brain can be a powerful therapeutic experience.


Where are my pulse points and why should I apply essential oils here?

There are nine main pulse points in the human body placed from head to toe. The main ones I tend to work with are the temporal artery (at the temples), the carotid pulse (below the ear and under the jawline) and the radial pulse (at your wrists). The reason I recommend rolling the aromatherapy oils at your pulse points is because this is where your blood pumps closest to the skin which means a faster absorption of the essential oils and quicker therapeutic benefits. 

Anything that is applied to our skin is absorbed by our bloodstream (that’s why you used to get told off for writing on your hand in school.) Applying the roll on therapist’s to your pulse points means the essential oils are absorbed into the body and travel around via the bloodstream, delivering each essential oils specific benefit to the body’s systems and organs.


How do I choose the right essential oils for me?

Ask yourself,  how do you want to feel? ede’s roll on therapist collection has been formulated with specific blends of organic, botanical essential oils to work to solve many emotional imbalances like overwhelm, low energy, brain fog, worry, doubt and more. If you'd like to learn more, I've always enjoyed learning from Valerie Ann Worwood's The Fragrant Pharmacy or another favourite The Fragrant Mind.

If you’re still unsure - take our mood quiz and let the answers decide for you. In one minute, we’ll give you personalised recommendations of where to start.

Take the quiz here.


Why is pulse point aromatherapy so integral to ede?

Great question! The roll on therapist collection became what it is after my own experience of being a customer for this product. I’ve personally experienced a lot of high-functioning, generalized anxiety since my teen years and was looking for an aromatherapy blend to support me. I was recommended the Trauma blend which to me felt like a word that I didn’t want to attach to my feelings of worry and panic. 

I wanted ede to be different. I wanted to make aromatherapy more attractive to people like me who want and need these support tools but perhaps don’t associate with how they are presented. I really do hope that ede’s roll on therapist collection is relatable and approachable and mean as much to you as they do to me.

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