I’m guessing you’ve probably sprinkled rosemary over your roast potatoes before and maybe you’ve seen rosemary trending on TikTok for its hair growth benefits, but did you know that it can also help our memory recall?

Rosemary has been associated with memory since ancient Greece and Rome. But what is it about rosemary essential oil that can help us when exam time comes around? 

When studying for an exam, a work presentation or preparing for a speech, one of our main worries can be our memory recall.

An effective way to give your memory a boost is to simply inhale rosemary essential oil.

One study on a group of forty schoolchildren aged nine to eleven years old found that those pupils exposed to rosemary had a 5-7% increase in results in memory tests (the pupils did not know they were taking place in a memory test related to scent).

Here’s a deep dive into the reasons why rosemary essential oil is beneficial during exam season or any time you’re putting your memory under pressure to perform.

Ease stress

Often a feeling that comes alongside exam pressure or performance pressure is stress. Results of the Mental Foundation Survey (2018) show that younger people have higher stress related to the pressure to succeed. 60% of 18-24 year olds and 41% of 25-34s cited this compared to 17% of 45-54s and 6% of over 55s.

Rosemary essential oil may help to reduce test anxiety. In a study of nursing students who breathed in rosemary oil before and during test time showed their pulse decreased by approximately 9% whilst no significant change occurred without rosemary essential oil.

Because an increase in pulse rate reflects short-term stress, rosemary essential oil may naturally help to reduce our stress response in this way, helping to improve memory and focus in exams and tests.

Aid your memory

As mentioned earlier, rosemary essential oil has been proven to help our memory. Its scent is energising, refreshing and a mental stimulant which is great to help brain fog and focus as well as memory recall.

You can try diffusing rosemary essential oil into the room where you are revising to help boost your concentration and make revision that bit easier or use your best day ever roll on therapist as many times as you need on your wrists and temples. When exam time comes around take your best day ever roll on therapist with you for that all important memory and concentration boost on the go.

Why best day ever roll on therapist can help you

You can find the memory enhancing rosemary essential oil carefully formulated in our best day ever roll on therapist alongside three other confidence, focus and stress relieving essential oils.

Basil essential oil, a herbaceous scent that stimulates the mind, helping you to feel alert and focussed with a calming clarity.

Bergamot essential oil, a similar citrusy scent to orange that is refreshing and uplifting and known to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Lastly, lavender essential oil known for its soothing properties also has great normalising effects that create harmony for the mind and body. Explained below.

Best day ever is a fresh blend that not only will help your memory recall for exam revision but will also support you in grounding your thoughts and knowing your potential, ready for what lies ahead.

Use whilst revising to help improve your concentration and focus and roll on before exam time for that all important boost.