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Meaningful Connection — a guide to making friends as an adult

Image by Freunde-von-Freunden
Written by Eve Williams
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The pursuit of authentic adult friendships can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. We're well-versed in networking, but how do we transition those connections into genuine bonds that enrich our lives?

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey to make adult friendships not only attainable but enjoyable too.


Embrace your playful side

Don't hesitate to reveal your quirks and passions. The adult world is serious, but friendship doesn't have to be. Love creating elaborate cheese platters? Passionate about hiking with your pet hedgehog? These are conversation starters that set the stage for authentic connections.  


Strength in vulnerability

We all have an inner imposter who sometimes dampens our confidence. But guess what? Vulnerability is your secret weapon. Sharing stories of your mishaps and struggles is like a friendship elixir. When you open up, others feel safe to do the same. It's vulnerability that turns casual conversations into lifelong connections.


From small talk to soul talk

"Nice weather, huh?" Let's face it, that's not how deep friendships are forged. Dive into meaningful conversations about dreams, fears, and everything in between. Show genuine curiosity, and watch as ordinary chats transform into extraordinary connections. It's about quality, not quantity.


"It's vulnerability that turns casual conversations into lifelong connections."


Beyond the digital

We're more connected digitally than ever, yet real connections often elude us. Swipe left on superficial interactions and opt for face-to-face moments. Invite your potential friends for a coffee date or a hike. It's in these unfiltered moments that true connections blossom.


Nurturing tomorrow's friendships

Just like cultivating a garden, friendships require nurturing. Plan activities, engage in heart-to-heart talks, and create shared memories. As you navigate the maze of modern life, remember that friendships are a sanctuary of support, laughter, and growth.



So, how do you make adult friends?

— Daring to be your unfiltered, playful self

— Embracing vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness

— By shifting from small talk to deep conversations

— You step away from screens and step into real-life connections

— By recognising that friendship is a journey, not a destination


Call to action: What's that one quirky hobby or interest you've been dying to share with a potential friend? Embrace it, and you might just discover a kindred spirit who's equally excited to embark on this friendship adventure with you.