Ever feel confused or overwhelmed by the beauty industry and its standards? Don’t know where to start with skincare or self-care and just want to overhaul your routine and choose what's important to you and what makes you feel good?


I’ve been working and chatting with facialist and skincare expert Zoe McCluskey for over a year now. Zoe runs a facial studio in Glasgow that offers bespoke facials and skincare to her clients that work with her not only for her knowledge of the skin but promotion of self-care, confidence and working intuitively in response to each individual’s needs. When we first spoke, immediately we both identified with each other's messages of beauty, mental health and wellbeing all bundled up into one imperfect package (I think we both respect the value of imperfection and not striving for it.)

When we first spoke, immediately we both identified with each other's messages of beauty, mental health and wellbeing all bundled up into one imperfect package (I think we both respect the value of imperfection and not striving for it.)

I’ve been really excited watching Zoe’s studio expand and be recognised with the attention it deserves. We recently caught up and shared our experiences on skincare, mental health and what we’ve learnt from you guys a year on (because afterall you are who we’re here to serve) and again both of our messages resonated with each other.  Like myself, Zoe’s own journey with her mental health is what began her career in skincare and is now a response to how she has built everything in her brand, from her approach to clients’ skin to her studio’s serene environment. Something we concluded was that we’ve been having very similar conversations with our clients and customers which is why we’ve come together and created three easy skincare rituals  to help give ourselves a little extra love each day and act like check in points so we can respond or even just appreciate how we are feeling that day.


Zoe has shared three easy skincare rituals that may really change how you see and value yourself, your environment and your skin, advice that she very readily hands out to many of her returning clients. Read on to find out how you can easily set some self-care, self-worth and self-love rituals in your everyday life alongside your skincare routine.

Creating a calm environment.


"People love the sensory experience of the studio; so it’s all about the right music, the smells, and the feeling of comfort and relaxation they get from the space itself. And it's nice to be able to pick things up from that and translate it at home when you're looking for ways to be more mindful, unwind or recharge. Keep your products decluttered and easy to reach, light your fave candle or pop on a podcast you really love, and enjoy the ritual of it all. Your skincare routine can be a great opportunity to not only support your body, but the mind, too."

Where to start looking after your skin at home.


"I always tell people if they feel short of time or unsure where to start with facial massage at home, begin with your cleanse. It’s a simple and easy way to incorporate it into your routine daily. Find a lovely nourishing cleanser with a bit of slip like cleanse it back [face cleanser] and be mindful in your movements. Work outwards over the cheeks, pay attention to how you circle the eyes and maybe even the temples. Swipe across the forehead and check in with your brows. How does the face feel? Maybe tense in some places that need some extra attention to unwind? Take your movements there and then begin to work down the neck to help kickstart and promote lymphatic drainage before finishing your cleanse.

And of course, as well as depuffing, brightening and releasing tension, we can use the ritual of massage in this way to help with our mental health and wellbeing, too. How we feel about our skin is all connected to our mood, so facial massage can help us nurture a more caring approach towards our skin. I find this can be particularly empowering with clients who have been managing a skin condition or concern for a long time as it helps to remove a sense of frustration and negativity by refocusing their energy into being more caring towards themselves. Stress plays a huge factor in unsettling our skin as well, so it's another important way of reaping results from your skincare, not just results from the products themselves."

How to make skincare and self-care a ritual so you can support yourself continually.


"I recommend to clients to take one night - or morning, whatever suits you best - a week where you really take a deep dive into your skincare and just get lost for a little while. Especially with clients who feel like they aren't currently putting enough time aside for themselves to check in with how they are feeling and take a moment to relax. 

I also see a lot of clients who have done the opposite and maybe overworked the skin, so we can take that energy and use it to create a more ritualistic and caring approach to skincare. We’ve all been there - especially during lockdowns when so many of us were looking for things to do or having trouble with our skin - and maybe we overdid it on intense skincare products or trends at home. 

So, it’s nice to plan some time once a week where you have that longer, self-care focused ritual where you cleanse, use something like the born again face mask, read a bit that book you wanted to get back to lately or massage the scalp whilst it settles into the skin. Then, gently remove it and finish with a grounding facial oil like needs must face oil, taking a deep breath in of that calming scent and a moment to massage the skin for the ultimate weekly ritual. It's a more realistic way to be consistent and make a positive impact with your skincare and self-care."

A four-step routine with ede that you could start tonight.

Step 1

Set the mood. Maybe you light a nice candle or burn some incense, turn on your favourite playlist, podcast or sleepcast. 

Step 2

Relax the mind and body. Pick your favourite roll on therapist to anchor your thoughts and take a few deep breaths in and out. You can even use a count here to really help ground yourself; breathing in for the count of four through the nose, pausing for a moment, and then exhale for four counts through the mouth.

Step 3

Choose your self-care tool or activity. You don't have to only concentrate on the face, perhaps you run a bath and massage post shower nirvana body oil into damp skin to help soften the muscles, skin and mind. Or you could follow the mindful cleansing video below.

Step 4 

Consider what you need. Is your body overworked somewhere that you can show some love with massage to? Can you challenge your thoughts with some uplifting inner dialogue? Take this time to focus on what your mind and body needs.

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Zoe’s has shared some of her favourite tools and podcasts to encourage a relaxed environment at home.

~ Podcast: Saturn Returns with Caggie Dunlop

~ Podcast: Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

~ Ceramic oil diffuser and oil from Oliver Bonas

~ Satya Nag Champa Positive Vibes incense sticks

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Thank you Zoe!