Let’s throw back to January and probably like you, I’m thinking of new ways of living in 2022. I stopped making resolutions when I made the only one I ever stuck to in 2019 - which was to read a new book I enjoy every month of the year (I still do that one now - in my mind, I’ve completed New Year's resolutions!) This year I was thinking of ways I can better connect to the message of ede through the words I use. 

I’ve always known the true mission behind ede, to help people find more quality in the time they leave for themselves (note, not quality time but quality in the time they already have). I think along the way, with life’s busyness, I’d forgotten a little how to share that message. ede’s mission is to be like a supportive friend. In my own life, I’ve valued taking small, caring moments for myself to help improve not only how I treat myself but to help manage what my inner voice is saying to myself as well.

When feeling burnt out or knowing you're on a continuous cycle of “overdoing it”, there are often tell-tale signs of tiredness, frustration or anxiety creeping in, or maybe you see it communicated via your skin through puffiness, dark circles or an increased number of spots. 

With this thinking, I confirmed with myself that ede was going to help it’s users create more space to connect with themselves. I understand life’s pressures ~ with jobs that demand time from us, kids, familys, plans, milestones, friends you have to and want to keep up with, this list of course continues.

I consider every one of the products I have created for ede as a tool to help towards a person’s wellbeing, creating daily self-love routines for yourself via the products and it just so happens that the byproduct of doing this is supported and nurtured skin and mood. I think the most important take home is slowing down and acknowledging how you feel in the moment rather than continuous distractions and avoidance.

With that, here’s 4 ways I like to show up for myself that fit easily in my daily routines.

number 1

Notice how you talk to yourself.

Are you in a cycle of picking out what society deems as unacceptable on your skin? I’ve had a wave of hormonal acne recently and I’ve had to notice what the voice in my head is saying to me and keep batting it away because I know I’m worthy of much better. What has your inner voice said about you this week? Notice it, and if it’s not worthy of your time just bat it away (or your sport of choice). 

Instead, take time to value yourself and your skin. I like to use my nighttime face cleanse as a time to nurture and care for myself. A few drops of cleanse it back face cleanser takes me to a place where I can begin to detangle my thoughts and make action towards caring for my skin and myself, finding areas that might need a little more love than others and washing the rest away.

number 2

Value rest.

Just. another. episode. We’ve all said it. Flip the story, we’ve many more days to complete that series. Rest and to be more specific shut-eye is valuable. 

Rolling on burnout roll on therapist onto my wrists before bed and allowing the gentle, herbaceous scent to drift into my olfactory system, whilst finding my comfort spot for sleep makes for precious rest. I don’t know if you can guess my star sign (I’m not widely versed in zodiac signs myself) but sleep is number one for me and this moment is just magical. My ultimate, non-negotiable, daily self care routine.

number 3

Acknowledge where you are.

When life starts to feel a little more sticky for me. I especially like to place more opportunities for special moments in my daily routine. For example, leaving post shower nirvana body oil on the edge of the bath so when I am post shower I pick it up and massage it in my skin for a few minutes. Find what feels good for you in that moment - maybe you were standing all day and your feet deserve some attention.

Small moments of self-massage to find what feels good. Working your hands with an oil over tense shoulders, strained neck and chest, a stressed jaw, aching legs and acknowledging how you feel in that present moment helps you to connect with how you are feeling at that time.

number 4

Support your immune system.

Movement and massage can help to maintain a strong immune system. I’ve been listening to The Book of Lymph by Lisa Levitt Gainsley recently and in short, the lymphatic system is the sewerage system for our body. It helps move waste around the body to fight infection. 

There are hundreds of lymph nodes located in many parts of the body including the neck, armpits, chest, abdomen and groin. They contain immune cells that can help fight infection within the lymph fluid. Unlike our blood vessels, they don’t have the heart to pump the fluid around which is why movement and massage are important for our immune systems function.

Knowing that going for a walk, stretching, swimming or small moments of self-massage, focussing on opening the neck and chest, in the back/hips/legs can all help move the lymph that lives just underneath the skin.

Do you have any small moments of special that you create for yourself in your daily routine that help you leave more space for self love/worth/care? Or are there any that you’re willing to try that you’ve read today? I’m always open for conversation over Instagram messages or email, I’d love to speak with you some more, so feel free to get in touch.

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