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Why is it best to apply oils to damp skin?


First off, why use oils? Won’t they make my skin greasy?

If you don't use any plant oil based products in your skincare routine at the moment, this is the best time to add them as we’re approaching colder months. When colder temperatures appear the constant change in temperature from central heating, steaming hot showers and cold commutes can disrupt the skin’s moisture balance meaning the skin can feel drier and become flakier. Our best selling needs must face oil and post shower nirvana body oil are both full of vitamin-rich, skin-loving antioxidants and moisturising fatty acids that keep the skin soft and supple through the colder weather. 


And no, they won’t make your skin feel greasy. They’ve been expertly formulated to remain lightweight on the skin meaning quick absorption time and maximum skin softening results. The organic oils we use in our formula’s will not only nourish the skin but will help your skin to repair and strengthen your skin’s barrier in the long-term meaning more moisture retention in the future. Keep reading for more skin tips.


Two reasons why you should apply oils to damp skin

When it comes to applying organic plant oils to the skin there are many ways you can boost the benefits. One of the best ways is to apply your oil to damp skin. 

Why? Damp skin is more receptive to oils, meaning better absorption as the oil locks in the water that’s already sitting on the skin, securing hydration and moisture, the perfect combination for balanced and supple skin. 

Applying your oil to damp skin will also help to spread the product evenly and smoothly across the face or body, ensuring that you get the most from your product and are left with more hydrated and plumped skin.

Here’s a tip. Before applying needs must face oil you could spritz a hydrating mist and then proceed to apply a few drops of your face oil. Try it for yourself. I like to mist my face, neck and chest, then add 4 drops of needs must face oil to the palm of my hand and press into my face, neck and chest, sometimes massaging and lifting the muscles. You look and feel all kinds of dewy and hydrated afterwards.

If you don’t have a face mist, once you've washed your face at the sink instead of drying your face with a towel let it air dry a little and maybe pick up the drops of water around your neck with your towel and then press in needs must face oil to your dampened face.


Why damp, not wet?

You want the skin to be damp not wet. Too much water on the skin won't have the same effect. It can dilute the product, decreasing the effectiveness of the ingredients or causing it to run off the surface of the skin. You can tell the difference between damp and wet by making sure water isn’t visibly dripping down your face or body.


A note on warmer skin

Warmer skin can also help to absorb your product better - hence post shower nirvana body oil… 

Want to join the soft skin crew? Apply post shower nirvana body oil, post shower. It’s that simple. Remember, don’t have your shower too hot. Extra hot water strips away the skin’s natural oils, leaving it dehydrated. This means the skin will feel dry to the touch and flaky to the eye, it’s craving moisture. Keeping your shower at a warm temperature only and applying post shower nirvana body oil as little as once a week (if you can keep your hands of it) will protect your skin and keep your skin barrier healthy.

Here’s a tip. Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, begin to pat off the excess water with your towel, remembering to not fully dry as we want to lock in a little of that hydration from the remaining water with the post shower nirvana body oil.

Then begin applying your oil all over, taking long, deep breaths inhaling the warm and energising scent of black pepper and petitgrain alongside the carefree notes of sweet orange oil to feel grounded and restore feelings of calm. An aroma guaranteed to boost those freshly bathed moments.

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