what is aromatherapy?

For ede, the age-old practice of aromatherapy needed a new wave that parallels our fast-moving lifestyles. Our ‘aromatherapy for this century’ range breaks down those stressors of the 21st century and offers a lift for the senses, using prehistoric aromatherapy techniques.

Aromatherapy originates from the word aroma, meaning smell, and therapy. With the current movement towards a better-balanced lifestyle and phrases like ‘me time’, ‘self-care’ and ‘self-help’ dominating our language, aromatherapy is a great holistic practice to treat the mind, body and spirit for our modern-day wellness.

Botanical oil blends are used to promote health and restore harmony through smell. The body’s relationship between the olfactory system and our internal wellness is unique. Humans respond to the sense of smell more than any other sense, making aromatherapy a great vehicle for self-care and ownership of your wellness for the modern day.

Our ever busying lives can become crowded by our constant connection to technology, our ever-lengthening commutes and the constant blue glimmer of our screens. We’ve refreshed aromatherapy to aid an alternative way to bring self-care into these moments of our modern lives. With their mood boosting capabilities, rest inducing properties or confidence boosting capacity it can be an easy way to add in small moments into our daily routines to help get pro-active about our wellbeing.

The best way to get the full benefits of the oil blends is by inhalation and through the skin. Our roll on therapist range is conveniently packaged to help you directly apply the oil to your pulse points and inhale the aroma wherever you are. Meaning you can use optimise and prioritise your health and wellbeing on the go.