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welcome to ede

a safe space for your headspace

Born from anxiety, we're passionate about mental health and the tools you learn along the way to get back to feeling like you. Our mission is to help you feel those big feelings whilst flying the flag for scent as self-care. We know they're hard but we also know they pass. Keep riding the wave, we're right behind you.

Aromatherapy, that gets you

our values


A smile can help us through our toughest moments. Which gives us all the more reason to come at life with a cheekiness we can appreciate in our tender moments.


We care about the humanness of every individual and serve as a reminder to both care for yourself and each other.


The best ingredients for the best product for the best experience. We use certified organic ingredients everywhere possible for both their superior quality and positive impact on the environment.

anxiety and aromatherapy


"When I first found aromatherapy, I was looking for something to calm anxiety. I was recommended a roll on oil called the 'Trauma Blend'. The scent instantly made me feel calmer but I felt awkward attaching the word trauma to my emotional state and the boring and stuffy branding just didn't speak my language.

Many years (and aromatherapy blends) later, this experience got me thinking "where are the aromatherapy brands that are cool or cult — or maybe even sexy?!"

Ede is a brand I would have been proud to show my friends in my early twenties but more importantly a community that embodies a relatable and approachable conversation about mental health. So everyone can feel empowered to feel.

We all need tools that help us feel like ourselves. Ede exists to give aromatherapy a voice in the modern wellness era. So over thinkers and deep feelerslike myselfcan feel empowered by their feelings and enjoy the benefits essential oils have to offer for our minds and wellbeing."



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