"I want ede to be a reminder that making small moments of ‘you time’ is the most important thing you can do for yourself."

I’m Eve and I am the founder of ede, a skincare and aromatherapy brand that values creating small moments of special for yourself daily and by consequence helps you support your skin and mood with nurturing natural and organic ingredients.

In 2015 I began blending my first face oil that helped me calm my sensitive and spot-prone skin. I then studied for a diploma in organic skincare formulation so that I could help other people who struggled to find products that supported their skin.

I then later qualified for a Level 2 in skincare and facial massage and further advanced facial massage awards to help develop my interest in creating thoughtful and calming self care practices for you to add to your routine at home.

I want to help people feel worthy and confident in their own skin. The skincare and beauty industry is laden with dos and don'ts and 10-step routines that I think can be overwhelming and all-consuming. The vision behind ede was to create thoughtful plant-based products that work in line with the skin’s natural function to look after itself and to help people make informed and positive decisions for themselves and their skin.

If you struggle to find time for yourself daily and want to start creating gentle moments of kindness for yourself whilst helping care for your skin, then ede can help. Maybe it’s only two minutes of massaging an oil into your skin but maybe it’s your most mindful moment of the day. ede allows space for yourself and your thoughts, building up your personal portfolio of self-worthiness and appreciation through touch and conscious thinking.

Having also personally experienced how your mental health can affect your body and skin. ede is a reminder that making small moments of ‘you time’ is the most important thing you can do for yourself and I am proud to currently be supporting many UK mental health charities via our press pause roll on therapist. Read more about this here.

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Browse our product offering via the button below and if you have any questions about products, the skin or just where to start you can get in touch with me via email ~ hello@theedestore.com. Otherwise, you can always find us @theedestore on Instagram sharing our favourite ways to integrate ede into your daily movements.