why is it best to apply oils to damp skin?

Damp skin is more receptive to oils, meaning better absorption, as the oils lock in the moisture that’s already sitting on the skin. But too much water isn’t good, as it can dilute the product, or cause it to run off the surface of the skin. 

That’s why we recommend applying our cleanse it back face cleanser to dry skin, and massaging the product in thoroughly before adding water, then rinsing off. Pat dry with a towel, leaving the skin damp rather than wet. 

For moisturising leave-on oils, like our needs must face oil and post shower nirvana body oil, you only need a few drops to lock in the remaining moisture on the skin after cleansing; a little goes a long way. 

Warmth is another key factor which can help with product absorption. Not only does warmth help oils to penetrate the skin better, but it makes the product go further.  We recommend warming the product up in your hands before applying, and using massage techniques for both face and body, to really get the most out of your oils.

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