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Unplugging for Mental Clarity — how and why to ditch social media

Written by Eve Williams
2 minute read


Imagine this: you wake up and instead of immediately reaching for your phone to scroll through endless feeds, you take a deep intentional breath. I'm talking about ditching the social scroll and embracing a life that's fully present from sunrise until sunset (or maybe not that drastic).


If I'm honest – I don't think social media is all bad. It's a powerful tool for connecting, sharing, and staying in the loop. I know I've made so many friendships through Instagram but without kidding myself, I also get sucked into an endless loop of comparison, FOMO, and information overload on the daily. More often than I'd admit, my brain requires me to consciously reduce my screen time. And a lack of screen time comes with a whole heap of benefits.


"I've made so many friendships through Instagram but without kidding myself, I also get sucked into an endless loop of comparison"


Let's jump into it. Here are just some of the benefits to ditch social media and level up your mind.


Mental supercharge. Say goodbye to the mental clutter. No more wading through endless posts and updates. Your mind deserves better, and we're here to help you claim it.


Authentic connections. Let phubbing be a thing of the past. Instead of hundreds of shallow interactions, imagine having heart-to-heart conversations with the people right in front of you. It's time for genuine connections that leave you feeling energised.


Time for passions. Remember that hobby you pushed aside? Now's the time to pick it up again. Say hello to time well spent on things that fill your cup and goodbye to that ever-rising screen time notification on Monday morning.


Reduced stress. Release the pressure to keep up. Your mental health will thank you. Less keeping up and more authentic living.


Improved sleep. No more screen-induced insomnia. Give thanks to your circadian rhythm, break the social media cycle and embrace the kind of sleep that leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the day. 


So, you think this could be the kind of life for you? But you're probably wondering, "How do I make it happen?" Keep reading.


Set clear intentions. Define why you want to step away from social media. Is it to find inner peace, boost creativity, or simply be more present? Maybe it's just a habit that you're desperate to break to gain some time back. Knowing your "why" keeps you motivated.


Schedule screen-free time. Designate certain hours or days as screen-free zones. Make it a ritual – like having a mini spa day for your mind. In the evening I like to leave my phone in another room so I'm not tempted to pick it up mindlessly. Or maybe Sunday is your no phone day. Devise a plan and make it a rule for yourself.


Find real-world replacements. Replace screen time with activities that fill your cup. Go for a walk, read that book you've been eyeing, try a new recipe or create something with your hands. Aeroplane mode can be great for some no distraction time.


Unfollow and unsubscribe. Ok, we know it's difficult to fully quit. So try decluttering your social media by unfollowing accounts that don't align with your values or trigger negative emotions like FOMO or comparison. Anything that makes you feel crap *unfollow*.


Be kind to yourself. Slip-ups are gonna happen. It's not about perfection, it's about progress. When it happens come back to the benefits, remember your why and keep trying.


Here's your challenge: what's the one thing you've been putting on hold due to your social media addiction? How are you gonna bring it back into your life?


Remember, you're not just logging off – you're stepping into and valuing time for the offline version of you. I'm right here with you, cheering you on and hiding my phone in another room.